Monday, 28 October 2013


First blog post, yea! Hi! I'm Jen, an avid eater and traveller. I've been thinking about starting a food and travel blog for a long time, but sometimes I find the more you think about doing something, the more you tend to leave it for I've decided to stop thinking and start doing...

I like to write and take photos...especially photos of my food (Yep, I'm that annoying friend) and of the places I visit. I'm not a fancy critic or anything - This little project is just for fun. With this space, I hope to collect all the beautiful things I experience and share them with you, so that hopefully you'll be able to go experience them too.

I'll be blogging about Melbourne, Australia, because that's where I'm based and because it's a great city!

Flinders Street station where I get off for work 

But whenever I embark on a new adventure I'll take you along too...Aside from discovering the cool places in my home city, I'll be heading to Thailand and Malaysia in 2014. I'll also be backtracking through my recent travels as well. I've been lucky enough to travel through Asia and Europe over the past few years, so I'll be writing about these places too. This year's adventures have included:

The view from the rooftop of Bar Rouge

The National palace museum in Taiwan

The fruit plantations at Cameron Highlands

And what about the food? Don't worry, there will be plenty of food posts and pictures, like these ones...

Key lime pie from Sweet Mother's kitchen in Wellington, New Zealand

Delicious mixed platter in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

And there will be many, many more international (food) photos to come....but for now I'm going to start with home. I have a backlog of Melbourne photos that desperately need to be updated and a list of places I'd love to talk about... hope you'll continue to join me as I learn to operate my blog and search for brunch, lunch, dinner and dessert :)


  1. Hi Jen ! Welcome to the blogging world :)
    Your first paragraph were exactly my thoughts just a few months ago !

    Excited to read about all the food and travelling adventures you get up to :D

    1. Hello! Thanks for your lovely welcome comment :) It feels nice to interact with another foodie, especially one with a blog as cute as yours! I've been reading confessions of a little piggy for a few weeks now and I really admire your pictures and reviews. Hopefully I can learn to blog as well as you all and make friends with the wider Melbourne foodie community :D

    2. No worries at all - and thanks ! Glad to hear you enjoy it :)
      Fun times ahead !

  2. FLINDERS STATION LOOKS EPIC NOW!! (Sorry should be commenting on the food instead) XD looking forward to more posts jenno!! Epic pics!

  3. Thanks Linda! Haha, Flinders St does look epic doesn't it? Side show bob...that tutor still scares me :D