Sunday, 2 February 2014

Event: Japanese Summer Festival

Well, long break again since my last food adventure...but this time it was spent exploring Thailand (which you can read about under 'travels' on that side ->). But I'm back in Melbourne now to enjoy the rest of the Summer (and the hot weather which I thought I had avoided!)

What's on in Melbourne, you ask? I happened to wonder into a one day Japanese Summer Festival today which was hosted in, and around, Federation Square. The Japanese Summer Festival showcased national costumes and performances, as well as a number of traditional and commercial food stalls.

The stall run by The Little Red Pocket Cocktail Bar caught my eye because it's Chinese New Year (Happy year of the horse! Or if you can read some Chinese: 新年快乐龙马精神!) and people get red pockets during that time, so I thought it was a play on that. 

It turns out that The Little Red Pocket Cocktail Bar is a well known venue that was voted into the World's top 100 best bars! As the Japanese Summer Festival was set in a public space, The Little Red Pocket Cocktail Bar didn't serve any alcoholic drinks. Instead, they offered some pretty looking mocktails. Even though I'd just finished an iced green tea latte (creamy condense milk with a good mix of matcha), I was tempted by the Virgin I bought it (to keep fully hyrated in the outdoor heat, you see.)

Little Red Pocket Cocktail Bar on Urbanspoon

I liked the Virgin Lychee mocktail, even though it seemed like a simply drink. It was slightly sweet, quite fruity and very very cool - a great combination to address the thirst brought on from 40 degree heat. The mint and lemon helped to add extra flavours and make it more refreshing, as well as more presentable.
I'd like to go to the actual venue someday. But for the moment, I'd say the drinks were refreshing and fun. The service was very fast and efficient at the stall, though too busy to really assess.

Did anyone else visit the Japanese Summer Festival? Or have you been to The Little Red Pocket Cocktail bar before...and did you enjoy your experience there?


  1. So annoyed I missed this festival! Japanese food is easily one of my favourite cuisines. Probably a good thing I didn't go, my husband would have had to roll me home.

    1. It was quite popular so I'm sure they'll have another one soon :) There was a Japanese festival that took place at the Docklands last year and they have one at Box Hill around April or May every year...hopefully that means lots more Japanese food around!